Update September 2021: Added localization/internationalization for 10 languages

Update Jul 20, 2020: Added one day free trial for mouse feature.

Update Jun 15: Added support for Mouse. This is a paid feature and requires In-App purchase for Multi-device.

Update May 28: Apple has released Security updates for 10.14.6 (Mojave) which has this bug fixed! App is now working on Mojave also…but High Sierra (10.13.6) still has the bug.

Update March 25: Apple has released MacOS 10.15.4 which has a fix for the MacOS bug. YAY!!! Unfortunately the related security updates for Mojave and High Sierra do not include this fix.

Update Mar 14: Along with 10.15.3 Apple released security updates for Mojave (10.14.6) and High Sierra(10.13.6) which introduced the bug there. Stopped all development on KeyPad.

Update Feb 7: Reported detailed feedback to Apple, Holding my breath; turning deep shade of purple.

Update Jan 25: Apple released MacOS 10.15.3 which had a bug in Bluetooth Implementation. KeyPad has stopped working.

What Works: If you have already connected to an iPhone or iPad before your os upgraded to 10.15.3 (or Security Update 2020-001) app will continue to work. If you are using a NON iOS device (example android phone, another MAC) all features work.

Use your mac as a keyboard for your phone