International Language support for KeyPad

Keypad does its best to be *just* a bluetooth keyboard. Using keypad is similar to purchasing a bluetooth keyboard. Some configuration of your setup may be required.

This is not obvious, and phones put the required settings deep into their settings menus making them hard to find.

Keypad is being used heavily for Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German, Hebrew, Arabic, French, UK English, US English. Keypad does not know (or care) about the language that you are using on the Mac. It cares about the language that you select on the device that you want to control, iPhone, android phone, iPad etc.

On the iPhone/iPad to support additional languages go to Settings | General | Keyboard | Keyboards and add the languages you want to support. Then when you want to switch the language. Press Control + Shift and tap the spacebar. This will give you a list of supported languages. Press the spacebar till you reach the language that you want to use.

U.K English

Using KeyPad with U.K English, requires some configuration on the phone.

Some users are seeing a problem with the output of KeyPad using U.K. English. KeyPad is the equivalent of a physical US English Keyboard. The truth is that all Mac keyboards are the same, just that based on the language you select it uses a different keyboard layout. Some examples:

“Shift – 3” in US Keyboards is: “#” but in UK Keyboards is: “£” This is decided by the selected locale on the laptop.

Most phones too come with a default on screen keyboard layout of English, and usually US English. So when you press “Shift – 3” on a UK English Mac, the phone see’s “#”

This is not a bug. On the phone you need to select the correct on screen keyboard for U.K English, and you will get the correct output.

iPhone: Go to Settings | General | Keyboard | Keyboards Add New Keyboard… and select UK English. Then, click on the world icon and you will see that the keyboard will change to U.K. English. Now if you press “Shift – 3” in KeyPad you will see “£”

Android: go to settings in the Keyboard | Languages and types | Manage input languages and select U.K. English (remember to remove US English). Remember that keyboard settings are above the popup keyboard.

I’m getting negative reviews from U. K. I assume it is because of this. If there is anything wrong with my implementation, please let me know.