Device Support

I respond to all emails and support request. I can’t fix a problem that I do not know about. If you are facing any issue, please reach out ( Help me make keypad better.

I’m listing here devices that either I, or other users have been able to use this with KeyPad. Please let me know if any of your devices worked (or did not!).

Thank you for giving me feedback, it helps me figure out what I need to work on next..

Supported/Tested Devices

  • iPhone – Supports keyboard and Mouse. Has advanced copy and paste support.
  • Samsung Phones – tested with a few, keyboard and mouse works.
  • All Android Phones – keyboard and mouse works.
  • Sony TV – mouse not tested.
  • Android Tablets – keyboard and mouse works.
  • Roku Box – mouse not tested.
  • Amazon Fire TV – mouse not tested.
  • iPad – Supports keyboard and Mouse. Has advanced copy and paste support.
  • Apple TV – Apple TV does not support a mouse.
  • Samsung TVs – keyboard and mouse work.
  • MacOS Computer – Keyboard and mouse tested. Horizontal scroll with mouse not available. yet.
  • Google Nexus Player – mouse not tested.
  • Rasberry Pi – keyboard verified.
  • DreamLink T2 Prime – Keyboard and mouse verified.

Devices not supported

  • LG TV – Does not work, LG TV does not support bluetooth keyboards. Do let me know if some model works for you.
  • Sony PlayStation 3 – Works only when connection initiated, does not reconnect
  • Sony PlayStation 4 – Does not connect.
  • Windows Laptop/ Desktop – Studying this, it does not work on the two laptops I have. Others have seen it working but I am unclear as to what works and what does not. Windows complains that Driver is unavailable

Let me know if there are other devices that you have verified this with.