Power user features

Any features that you would like to see in KeyPad? Let us know: tools@toolbunch.com.

If you like KeyPad, please help me get the word out, I get about 30 downloads a day worldwide. Please also consider giving KeyPad a rating.

Will you be willing to help me test future version of KeyPad. I am working on a 2.00 release, and could do with some help testing. Please reach out to me at tools@toolbunch.com. Due to MacOS 12.4 breaking KeyPad (Again! This is the fourth time!) I have decided to release the features planned for 2.0 in a separate app.

If you would like to try out Screen Mirror please download it from the App Store: https://apps.apple.com/app/screen-mirror-over-usb/id1612180624?mt=12. This app will allow you to see your iPhone/iPad on the Mac like in the videos from KeyPad. This is a new app, please send feedback to tools@toolbunch.com

Some examples of the power user features.

Features we think you will like:

Hold Connection

This is now the default setting for KeyPad. If you want to turn this feature off:

  1. Launch KeyPad window for your device, click on “Mouse/Help”
  2. On the right of the window that opens up there is a “hold connection” checkbox. Uncheck to disable.

Please note: If your Mac screen saver comes on, or you close your laptop lid, or you log out of the Mac it will disconnect. This is useful if you pick up your phone and walk away from your computer. As soon as the screensaver comes on, the connection will drop and you will be able to use the onscreen keyboard on the phone.

Hide App Icon in Dock

Some users prefer to have the KeyPad icon only in the top toolbar menu. If you are one of them go to Preferences and turn on the checkbox for “Hide App Icon in Dock”. Remember to click the close button for the feature to be enabled. Now you can launch KeyPad from the toolbar menu, or pressing the configurable hotkey.

Support Command Tab and Command Space

KeyPad by default uses Function-Tab and Function-Space to support Command Tab and Command space. Command Tab is useful on the iPad to switch between applications.

This is an experimental feature (from 1.85). I am looking for feedback before I make it available as a permission that KeyPad asks for on startup. You need to go to:

  • System Preferemces | Security & Privacy | Privacy | Accessibility
  • Click on the “+” to add an application to the accessibility list (You may need to “Click the lock to make changes.”)
  • Go to the Applications folder, and select KeyPad
  • Restart KeyPad (Quit and restart)

Now when the KeyPad window is visible Command Tab and similar shortcut keys will go to the connected device. Please send me feedback on what you think about it. tools@toolbunch.com

Auto Launch on Login

If you would like to have KeyPad always available, even when you logout and log back in, or reboot the mac, turn on the “Autolaunch KeyPad on Login” checkbox in Preferences. The KeyPad application will automatically launch on login and will go to the background waiting for you to launch it.

Using the hotkey to launch (and hide) KeyPad

Keypad has a default hotkey “Command + Option + p”. This will launch keypad and connect to the first device that you have configured. Pressing the hotkey again will hide the keypad window. This hotkey can be configured in preferences.

Configure a HotKey

Keypad has a default hotkey for the first device, you can change that hotkey, and setup separate hotkey’s for multiple devices.

Go to Preferences, click on the device that you want to configure, then click on the Configure HotKey button. You will see a message:

“Select HotKey using Keyboard”

Now press a combination of keys, any combination of command, control, option, shift along with a letter. If you make a mistake or would like to change the key you selected, press Configure HotKey again.

Move KeyPad window

The KeyPad window by default launches in the center of the screen. If you grab the title bar you can move the window to a different location on the screen. From the next time the KeyPad window will pop up at the location you moved it to.

Experimental Features – need help

I am continuously adding features to KeyPad. It takes time for me to test the features out and release them. If you are on MacOS Monterey, you could help me. I could add you to the TestFlight versions of the App. You can then help me test. Please send me an email to tools@toolbunch.com if you are willing to help.