Power user features

Any features that you would like to see in KeyPad? Let us know: tools@toolbunch.com.

If you like KeyPad, I could use some help. I get about 30 downloads a day worldwide. This is depressingly low. I need your help in getting KeyPad visible. I would really appreciate it if you would give us a rating, and share it with your friends and family. If you could send an email to tech websites, bloggers and YouTubers to review the app it would be absolutely awesome.

Features we think you will like:

Hold Connection

Launching keypad takes some time. The next time you switch to KeyPad it will take the same amount of time to re-connect to the phone/iPad/TV.

Click on the KeyPad icon in the toolbar menu and select “Hold Connection”.

Now launching KeyPad for the first time you launch, or when you login to the Mac will still take some times. But from that point on the connection will be almost instantaneous.

Hide App Icon in Dock

Some users prefer to have the KeyPad icon only in the top toolbar menu. If you are one of them go to Preferences and turn on the checkbox for “Hide App Icon in Dock”. Remember to click the close button for the feature to be enabled. Now you can launch KeyPad from the toolbar menu, or pressing the configurable hotkey.

Auto Launch on Login

If you would like to have KeyPad always available, even when you logout and log back in, or reboot the mac, turn on the “Autolaunch KeyPad on Login” checkbox in Preferences. The KeyPad application will automatically launch on login and will go to the background waiting for you to launch it.

Using the hotkey to launch (and hide) KeyPad

Keypad has a default hotkey “Command + Option + p”. This will launch keypad and connect to the first device that you have configured. Pressing the hotkey again will hide the keypad window.

Configure a HotKey

Keypad has a default hotkey for the first device, you can change that hotkey, and setup separate hotkey’s for multiple devices.

Go to Preferences, click on the device that you want to configure, then click on the Configure HotKey button. You will see a message:

“Select HotKey using Keyboard”

Now press a combination of keys, any combination of command, control, option, shift along with a letter. If you make a mistake or would like to change the key you selected, press Configure HotKey again.

Move KeyPad window

The KeyPad window by default launches in the center of the screen. If you grab the title bar you can move the window to a different location on the screen. From the next time the KeyPad window will pop up at the location you moved it to.