Setup Video

KeyPad is having significant issues with MacOS Monterey and iOS 15.x. Please try the app with all your devices before you consider purchasing it. KeyPad is free for one device, and if you want to try another delete the first device and setup again.

I respond to all emails and support request. If you are facing any issue, please reach out ( Help me make keypad better.

How to setup KeyPad

KeyPad works like any other physical bluetooth keyboard. The connection needs to be initiated from the device that you want to control. You may need to refer your device documentation for instructions on connecting a bluetooth keyboard. Please do not hesitate to send me email if you have any issues. My email is

Make KeyPad discoverable to your device

Click Launch Bluetooth Settings to make KeyPad discoverable.

You will get a list of devices that are discoverable on the mac, Please ignore this window, you must initiate the connection from the Device you want to control. This window is the only way to make the Mac discoverable on the device.

Connect KeyPad to your Phone, TV or Tablet

Please refer to your device instruction on how to connect to a keyboard. These instructions vary from device to device. The example here shows what works on the iPhone.

To connect, click on the bluetooth name of your Mac in the device bluetooth settings.

Accepting the connection on the Mac

This popup message varies from device to device. You may need to accept the confirmation message on your device too.

If you do not see this connect dialog, there is some other issue. (please see our support page)

Completing the connection

Please wait for this screen. If it does not show up the setup is not yet complete.

KeyPad setup is complete

Once it is setup any key you type will go to the connected device. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself on how the device is responding to keypad. Not all buttons work on all devices (for example Volume buttons work on a phone, ipad, but not on an Apple TV).

Click on any other window, or press command tab to close the KeyPad window.

Launching KeyPad when you need it next

You can setup additional devices, and their hotkeys in the preferences screen. Go to the toolbar menu and click preferences.

Sometimes the toolbar icon gets hidden behind the menu. If this happens, move to another application (like finder) to make the toolbar visible, and while pressing the command key on your keyboard drag the KeyPad Icon to a better location on the toolbar.

Let me know what you think of KeyPad. Especially if you have any issues.