Change hotkey to launch KeyPad

The default hotkey for KeyPad is Command+ Option + P. You can change this hotkey from the preferences screen.

Click on the KeyPad icon in the toolbar, and select Preferences.

In the preferences screen, select the device that you want to change the shortcut key for.

Select device you want to configure.

Click on Configure HotKey button. This will allow you to select a hotkey to replace the current HotKey. Notice that the text changes to Select HotKey using Keyboard.

Press the hotkey that you would like to use. It is recommend that you use a combination of keys like Command + Option + keystroke. If you use a keystroke that is already handled by the Mac it will not trigger the application.

In this example I pressed Command + Option + O.

Notice also that the Configure HotKey button has become un-selected. This is an indication that the keyboard shortcut has been set correctly. You can have a separate hotkey for all your devices.