Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad

A Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad is expensive. Whether is a keyboard folio or an independent keyboard it is expensive. And yet another accessory to carry around with your iPad.

Keypad is a MacOS application, that can work like a bluetooth keyboard for the iPad. It does not stop at being a keyboard, use it to play media on your ipad, and copy paste text from your mac to the iPad. You can now control media playback from the iPad, including volume control, and use the Mouse.

Before you spend a lot of money to purchase a keyboard for your iPad, use this app to try out the keyboard features.

Use your mac as a keyboard for your phone

Using KeyPad with the iPad

iPad specific features

  • Use a full keyboard with the iPad. Why spend over $200 to get a keyboard.
  • Supports press and hold commands with the iPad. For example if you hold the command key it will show you the command keys available in the app you are using.
  • Supports Command + Tab through Function + Tab, this is because the Mac uses command tab as a special key
  • Supports spotlight search with Function + Space
  • Supports full mouse support, including scroll-wheel which is not available with the Magic Mouse 1 on the iPad