KeyPad – Features

Keyboard for the Mobile Phone, TV, iPad, …

KeyPad is primarily an app that allows you to use your Mac keyboard to type on your connected device. It is intended for:

  • You use WhatsApp! but don’t want the notifications to pop up on your computer
  • You like Apple Messages, but if there is a group with an android user, then you cant use messages to type on the computer
  • You have never got used to swype and hate that typing on the phone takes so long
  • You want to paste a URL to send as a text message to your friends
  • You want to keep your personal stuff off your work computer
  • If you pick up your phone and walk away from the computer it should disconnect

Other reasons for using KeyPad

Some other reasons that people are using KeyPad are:

  • The time that you want a keyboard to type on the Apple TV because speech is not working and you don’t want to use your thumbs.
  • You want a bluetooth keyboard that you can always have with you
  • You want just a keyboard, not a web connected app that shows you ads
  • You want the comfort that the keys you type are just on your computer
  • You want to text, but also want to look like you are hard at work.

Features people have requested

  • Confirmation of privacy as they want to be able to paste passwords to a connected device. – Done
  • Ability to type in the YouTube app on Apple TV (sadly this is a bug in the youtube app)
  • Connecting KeyPad to a Game Console
  • Holding the bluetooth connection if the device is in range – coming in version 1.00
  • Adding support for Volume keys (to be able to take pictures with the camera app) – Shipped in version 0.92
  • Support for NVidia Shield TV – I need help to understand the issue.

Features that we don’t want to add

There are features that would be really nice to have, but because of some issues we have, we are’nt planning to add them to KeyPad. Yet!

  • Support for all keys, including command tab and other typical hotkeys
    • We took a detailed look at this, but the only way it is possible is with accessibility permission in the app. That means that the app will have access to all keys ever typed on the keyboard. We believe that no application you install should have such a “God” status on your computer (and you will be surprised at the number of apps that do have this status). We wont do this in the foreseeable future.
  • Internet connectivity for the App
    • One problem of not having internet connectivity in the app is that I cannot setup an event stream so that any bugs and issues (crashes!) can be sent to me to be able to fix it.
    • This also means I have no idea if a device works or does not till somebody sends me an email. Please do send me email…
    • A keyboard with internet connectivity; we don’t want to be such an app.
    • This has a problem that I will not be able to monetize the app with ads, and I need to depend on users buying the app.

Any features that you would like to see in the app?

Send me email at it is faster.