Apple TV Bluetooth Keyboard

KeyPad is a virtual bluetooth keyboard that you can use to connect to any device that can use a keyboard. One of the best examples is the Apple TV.

KeyPad will help greatly for those times that you are trying to use Siri to select some media, and it just doesn’t seem to understand. Just type out what you wanted to say.

Installation and using KeyPad on the Apple TV


See Keyboard shortcuts for the Apple TV on:

Esc works like the Menu Key on the Apple TV Remote.

All arrow keys work. On any screen that takes text input the keyboard works fine.

Media keys (Playback, Volume, Launch keyboard etc) don’t work. Home and Menu do.

Space bar works as play/pause in most apps.

Known issues

April 25th 2020 – Youtube is no longer able to take keystrokes from KeyPad. This is a bug in youtube because it does not take keystrokes from any Bluetooth Keyboard (not just KeyPad). For more details see:

Press and hold for Media keys does not work.

If you face any other issues please let us know.