Bluetooth Keyboard for Raspberry Pi

KeyPad is a Mac app that lets you use your Mac keyboard and mouse as a bluetooth keyboard and mouse for all your devices. If you device supports a bluetooth keyboard or mouse, it will likely work with KeyPad. We just found out that it works with the Raspberry Pi.

One of our users tried out KeyPad with the Raspberry Pi and found that it worked.

It’s really helpful, specially if you don’t have a keyboard laying around.
Usually in rpi when used headless, you have to ssh into it to do what you want to do. But if it’s not connecting to the network for any reason, you have to take the SD card off and reconfigure the wifi settings, if it doesn’t work, you have to reinstall the OS. Not having it connected to a network is not an option.
With keypad, we have Bluetooth as an option to manage the rpi.


I don’t fully know what all works (or what does not). If you have tried it, please help me improve this document.

See their comments at:

KeyPad supports features like press and hold control key, something that no other Keyboard app will support.