Bluetooth Keyboard for Smart TVs

KeyPad is a Mac app that lets you use your Mac keyboard and mouse as a bluetooth keyboard and mouse for all your devices. If you device supports a bluetooth keyboard or mouse, it will likely work with KeyPad. Whats more, it includes media keys so you can use it to control media playback in netflix, youtube, and even a volume control for the TV.

Typically a new keyboard will cost anywhere from $25 to $90. Keypad is much less than that.

Most TVs have the ability to connect with a bluetooth keyboard. If you have ever tried to use audio search features on a TV you (like me) have wished for a keyboard that you could simply type what you were searching for instead of trying to get the TV to understand your accent.

You don’t necessarily want to buy a keyboard for the TV, and have yet another “remote” sitting on the coffee table. With KeyPad, you can simply connect to the TV with a hotkey and start typing.

KeyPad works exactly like a keyboard so after you make KeyPad discoverable (similar to switching on a new bluetooth keyboard), you will need to go to the settings in the TV to be able to setup the keyboard. You will need to reference the instructions from your TV manual to connect to KeyPad.

KeyPad is tested on Samsung, and Sony TVs. LG TV’s do not support a bluetooth keyboard so you are out of luck.

A link for instructions of how to use a wireless keyboard with the Samsung TV is at: