Virtual Bluetooth keyboard for iPhone

KeyPad is a Virtual Bluetooth keyboard for your iPhone. It is a Mac app the emulates a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Why use your thumbs when you can type.

Media Keyboard

  • Volume Keys: Volume up, Volume down, and Mute
  • Media Playback: Play/Pause, Skip forward, Skip Back
  • Home and Menu Keys
  • Popup on screen keyboard: If you want to select an emoji
  • Double click home button to go to app selector on the iPhone.

Language support

All keys that are available to the Mac are available to type on. All the features of the Apple Magic keyboard are available. For example to select a different keyboard, language, or the emoji keyboard press shift-control and then press the space bar. You get a list of language keyboards that are available on the phone.

Full Bluetooth Keyboard for iPhone

The full keyboard that you are used to on the Mac is available to type on the iPhone. All other features that an app may use, like holding down command key, or capslock are available.

A very comprehensive list of keyboard shortcuts is available at:

Advanced Copy and Paste

If you are logged in to your Apple ID on your Mac and iPhone, this enables advanced copy paste.

Select text, or an image on the Mac, then go to Keypad. Press command-v, voila, the image or text is pasted to your iphone.

Mouse support

Mouse is supported on the iPhone from version 13.4, but in accessibility mode. To enable the mouse go to Settings | Accessibility | Touch and turn on Assistive Touch.

Press are release the Control + Option key. This will take mouse control away from the Mac and make it available on the iPhone. Press and release Control + Option again to release the mouse.

All mouse features, left click, right click, mouse drag, and even vertical scroll and horizontal scroll is available.

All combo requirements like “Shift+Click” are avaialable.


We plan to be the only bluetooth keyboard for your iPhone.

If you are facing issues, please reach out to us. Our support page is:

For internationalization please check out:

you can always send us email to we will always respond.

Use your mac as a keyboard for your phone