Configuring the Apple TV

Some users have been having issues with setting up KeyPad with the Apple TV. Based on some of their feedback I did some testing and here is what I found. Note the KeyPad App does not work on MacOS 10.15.3, see here for more details. Wit the release of 10.15.4 and the recent update of the app, most of these issues here should not exist. Let me know if they do.

Please note: You need to initiate the bluetooth connection from the AppleTV, not from the Mac computer.

The information below is for some issues that I have seen with the Apple TV. Do leave me a note below if something works (or does not). I want to make this app more usable.

Apple TV not detecting MacOS computer

There are some situations where the Apple TV does not detect the MacOS computers. To begin, go to Settings | Remotes and Devices | Bluetooth on the Apple TV

I don’t see my computer in “other devices” on the Apple TV

Make sure that you have launched KeyPad | Preferences | Launch Bluetooth Settings (on MacOS).

Keypad - Settings

Go to Settings | Remotes and Devices | Bluetooth on your Apple TV.

If it does not show your computer, then this may be linked to a slightly weird way that Apple TV remembers devices it has seen before. There is a fix in 0.82 but you can likely achieve the same thing by closing the KeyPad app are relaunching it.

Alternate Solution: Reboot your MacOS Computer, and launch KeyPad | Preferences | Launch Bluetooth Settings again. This should be it. It should work.

I have tried this with MacOS 10.15.4 (BETA 4), 10.14, and 10.13.6 with an Apple TV 4th Generation (A1625).

Connected; cant see computer name in bluetooth settings

Situation: You have connected KeyPad to the Apple TV, its working fine, but you cant see it in the Apple TV Bluetooth Settings.

This creates the weird situation that you cannot unpair/disconnect the computer from the Apple TV. Not really an issue, but was an interesting outcome of my investigation. I am able to connect to the Apple TV, use the keyboard, but when I go to Settings | Remotes and Devices | Bluetooth I cannot see the computer name.

I really don’t have a solution for this. I will try to figure out how to report this to Apple.