KeyPad - Keyboard and Mouse

KeyPad - Keyboard and Mouse

Use your Mac as a keyboard for your phone, tablet, TV, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and more...

Install Keypad

Keypad is available from the Apple Mac App Store. Search for KeyPad – Bluetooth Keyboard, or click this link to install the app. The application stays in your Mac menubar. Just click on the menubar...
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Connect your Phone

Click Launch Bluetooth Preferences from settings. This will announce to any device nearby that your computer is a bluetooth keyboard. Now go to the bluetooth settings screen on your phone. And select the Mac Computer...
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Start Typing

Anything you type on your mac keyboard when this dialog is on the screen will go to the connected phone/device over bluetooth. Use the shortcut key Command-option-p which is the hotkey to launch the application....
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KeyPad -Keyboard and Mouse

Keyboard and Mouse for iPad

KeyPad is a Mac app that lets you use your Mac keyboard and trackpad as a bluetooth keyboard and mouse. So you can use it to type text messages on your phone, type to siri, control your TV…anything that you can do with a combination of a remote control and a TV.

Don’t buy bluetooth keyboards when you can just use your Mac keyboard (and mouse/trackad) with all your devices. A new bluetooth keyboard and mouse will cost you at-least $35. That is for 1 Keyboard and mouse. Keypad lets you connect to as many devices as you like; its like having 20 keyboards handy, one for each of your devices.

Keypad is free for one phone/tv/tablet/computer. To use it with more than one device, or to use the Mouse feature requires In-App Purchase (for Multi-device).

What our users are using KeyPad for:

  • A Digital KVM – Use your Mac keyboard and mouse to control all your other computers
  • Privacy – Keep your private messages and texts on the phone, and still use a full keyboard
  • iPad Keyboard – Want to decide if you really want to buy a $250 keyboard for the iPad, try KeyPad first its free
  • A remote control for the Apple TV, and any Smart TV
  • Reduce desk clutter – You really only need one keyboard
  • Developers – Developing iPhone/iPad apps, try out how it works with a keyboard
  • Anybody who truly hates using their thumbs to type messages

In the words of Andy Ihnatko of MacBreak Weekly “A really great app that I didn’t know I was looking for.”

Sadly, nobody goes to the App Store looking for a Keyboard. So users have not heard about us yet. If you are reading this, you can help me. Please help me get the word out.

A Better keyboard:

  • Connect to as many devices as you like (Phones, Tablets, TVs)
  • Not just a keyboard, a combination mouse, keyboard and media remote
  • Always available, with a hotkey for each device, or just select it from the toolbar menu

See our video on how to set up and use KeyPad.

Device support

KeyPad has been shipping from January 2020. Our users have tested it with a lot of devices; Phones, TV’s, iPads, Linux Computers, other Macs, TV Boxes, Apple TV, See more details about the verified devices.

Want to Type to Alexa, Google Home, Home Pod…do me a favor and ask Apple, Google, Amazon to add keyboard support to their smart speakers. KeyPad can help you with those times that speech is not working well, but you want alexa and other smart speakers to do something! While you are at it, tell google to fix YouTube; Youtube on the Apple TV has stopped working with any keyboard on the Apple TV from April 2020.

Language Support

KeyPad is being used in over 100 countries (I get goosebumps when I think about it). Some users have requested language support; but KeyPad doesn’t care about the language you use. Select the correct language on the phone, iPad that you want to control, and it works, I have tested with U.K English, French, German, Please let me know if you think differently.


I am always listening for feature requests. If there are any suggestions that you have for KeyPad let me know, and I will implement it. Keep the suggestions coming, it will help me make KeyPad better. Send me email at if you face any issues or have any suggestions. You can also send me feedback anonymously on my support page.

KeyPad on the WEB

MacBreak Weekly

KeyPad is Pick of the Week in MacBreak Weekly.

Thank you Andy Ihnatko and Leo Laporte for such an awesome review. Your energy has put KeyPad on the Map!

KeyPad reviewed on Softpedia

Thank you for this awesome review SOFTPEDIA!

See the full review at:

“Over the years, I’ve encountered people who are so proficient with touchscreen keyboards that typing on their phones barely slows them down. Unfortunately, I’m not one of them. I dread having to use a touchscreen for typing, and I always wish I could just plug in a keyboard and get it done the old-fashioned way.

Of course, you can just get a Bluetooth keyboard, but what if you want to use a wired device, or one that is currently paired with your Mac? Well, it’s a good thing you asked, because KeyPad lets you do just that.”

Catalin Chelariu

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