KeyPad - Keyboard and Mouse

KeyPad - Keyboard and Mouse

Use your Mac as a keyboard for your phone, tablet, TV, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and more...

Install Keypad

Keypad is available from the Apple Mac App Store. Search for KeyPad – Bluetooth Keyboard, or click this link to install the app. The application stays in your Mac menubar. Just click on the menubar...
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Connect your Phone

Click Launch Bluetooth Preferences from settings. This will announce to any device nearby that your computer is a bluetooth keyboard. Now go to the bluetooth settings screen on your phone. And select the Mac Computer...
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Start Typing

Anything you type on your mac keyboard when this dialog is on the screen will go to the connected phone/device over bluetooth. Use the shortcut key Command-option-p which is the hotkey to launch the application....
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Keyboard and Mouse for iPadKeyboard and Mouse for iPad

KeyPad, is a virtual Bluetooth keyboard, mouse and media remote. Anything you type in KeyPad (on the Mac) goes directly to your connected device. Why use your thumbs when you can type.

Don’t buy bluetooth keyboards when you can just use your Mac keyboard (and mouse) with all your devices.

Keypad is free for one phone/tv/tablet. To use it with more than one device, or to use the Mouse feature requires In-App Purchase (for Multi-device).

Main Features of KeyPad:

  • Use the Mac Keyboard and Mouse to type on your phone, TV, iPad, Tablet.
  • Paste text and more from the Mac to the connected phone.
  • Control volume, media playback on your connected phone, tablet.

A Better keyboard:

  • Connect to as many devices as you like (Phones, Tablets, TVs)
  • Not just a keyboard, a combination mouse, keyboard and media remote
  • Function-Tab works like Command-Tab on iPad
  • Control-Option toggles Mouse support.
  • The app automatically disconnects from your device when you switch away from the app.

See our video on how to set up and use KeyPad.

Device support

I have tested this with a few phones, iPads, TVs, development tools; customers have used it with many more. See more details about the verified devices. I have not run into devices that it has not worked first time, yet.

Language Support

I believe that the current implementation will work for most languages, U.K English, French, German, Please let me know if you think differently.

I’m looking for feedback on this application, and new feature requests.


Send me email at if you face any issues or have any suggestions. You can also send me feedback anonymously on my support page.

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KeyPad on the WEB

KeyPad reviewed on Softpedia

Thank you for this awesome review SOFTPEDIA!

See the full review at:

“Over the years, I’ve encountered people who are so proficient with touchscreen keyboards that typing on their phones barely slows them down. Unfortunately, I’m not one of them. I dread having to use a touchscreen for typing, and I always wish I could just plug in a keyboard and get it done the old-fashioned way.

Of course, you can just get a Bluetooth keyboard, but what if you want to use a wired device, or one that is currently paired with your Mac? Well, it’s a good thing you asked, because KeyPad lets you do just that.”

Catalin Chelariu

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