Use your fabulous Mechanical keyboard for the Mac to control all your devices


If you’re a fan of the tactile satisfaction that comes from typing on a mechanical keyboard, you’re not alone. There’s something distinctly pleasurable about the clicky feedback and the precise action of mechanical switches that can make typing feel less like a chore and more like a craft. Now, imagine extending this delightful typing experience to controlling not just your computer, but nearly every device in your digital ecosystem—from your TV to your tablets and smartphones. With KeyPad, a Bluetooth keyboard emulator for Mac, you can do just that.

Why Mechanical Keyboards?

Mechanical keyboards are known for their reliability, durability, and the wide variety of switch types that cater to different typing preferences. Whether you favor the quiet and smooth action of linear switches or the loud, tactile feedback of clicky ones, mechanical keyboards make typing a more engaging and personalized experience. They are not just tools, but extensions of the typist’s hands.

KeyPad: Your Mechanical Keyboard’s Best Friend

KeyPad is an app that transforms your Mac into a Bluetooth keyboard hub, relaying every keystroke from your mechanical keyboard to any Bluetooth-enabled device. It’s like having a universal remote, but much more powerful and satisfying to use.

Setting Up Your Command Center

Step 1: Install KeyPad Download KeyPad from the Mac App Store and install it on your Mac. This app will serve as the control center for all your devices.

Step 2: Connect Your Mechanical Keyboard Connect your mechanical keyboard to your Mac. If it’s wired, just plug it in. If it’s wireless, pair it via Bluetooth.

Step 3: Pair Devices via KeyPad Turn on Bluetooth on your devices—whether it’s an iPhone, Android phone, iPad, or Smart TV—and make them discoverable. Open KeyPad, and connect to these devices by selecting them from the list in the app.

The Universal Typing Experience

Control Your Smart TV Navigate menus, search for content, or even browse the web on your TV. Using your mechanical keyboard to type out search queries on Netflix or YouTube can change your streaming game.

Manage Your Smartphones Texting or emailing from your phone can be tedious with on-screen keyboards. With KeyPad, you can use your mechanical keyboard to type out messages or manage apps on your iPhone or Android phone with the comfort and speed you love.

Enhance Your Tablet Use Whether for work or play, tablets are versatile. But typing on them can sometimes lack the speed and accuracy of a real keyboard. Connect your tablet to KeyPad, and use your mechanical keyboard to type up notes, emails, or even articles with ease.

Expand to Other Devices Any device that accepts Bluetooth keyboards can potentially be controlled with your mechanical keyboard via KeyPad. This includes gaming consoles, certain smart home devices, and more.