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1.50 – Fix some minor UI issues/irritants

  • Hides KeyPad window if the app goes into the background. If you see the KeyPad window your keystrokes will go to the connected device.
  • Asks you to rate the application (only once!) after you have launched KeyPad at-least 25 times. Please do consider giving us a rating it will help the app get visible.
  • Fixes AutoLaunch at login where it would try to connect to the phone/device whenever you logged in to the Mac
  • If you use the hotkey to launch KeyPad, pressing the hotkey again will close the window.

1.45 – Faster launch with Hold Connection

  • Bringing a test feature to the main stream (Feature introduced in 1.20 below). Toggling Hold connection will make switching to KeyPad faster.
    • If you are using this feature with a phone, please set your Mac screensaver to a shorter time. If you pick up the phone and walk away from the Mac (and are in bluetooth range) it will disconnect only if the Mac screen locks, or screensaver comes on.
  • Moved the paste button into the media button bar.
  • Request feedback/rating from users who have used KeyPad over 20 times. Please give us a rating, it will help other users find our app.

1.40 – Hide app from Dock

  • Added shortcut to paste text to device using keyboard (command-shift-v). This is for non-iOS devices. iOS devices will work with the standard paste shortcut (command v) as long as your Mac and iOS device are logged into the same Apple ID.
  • Added a configuration setting so that you can turn off the App icon from the Dock (requested by many users)

1.37 – UI and Language updates

  • Added a button to copy keypad app link to clipboard. Makes sharing KeyPad easier.
  • Added more languages in app store listing
  • Minor UI bug fixes

1.35 – UI and Language updates

  • UI Updates made media buttons smaller
  • Updates to supported languages
  • Minor UI bug fixes
  • Extended Mouse trial period to two days. Let me know if you face any issues.

1.30 – Type to Siri

  • Added support for press and hold of Media Buttons
    • Can use this to put Apple TV to sleep, and hold to change volume level
  • Verified type to Siri support
    • Requires that you go to Settings | Accessibility | Siri and turn on Type to Siri
  • Minor UI Fixes

1.20 – Hold phone/device connection

  • Hold Connection: You can switch to your device faster
    • Requires you to enable this feature in the KeyPad application menu.
    • Will disconnect ONLY when screensaver comes on OR screen is locked OR user logs out OR MacBook lid is closed
      • Recommend that you set your Mac screensaver to a low timeout (2-3 minutes)
    • Advantage: Will switch to keypad very quickly, you don’t need to wait for the connection establishment
    • Dis-advantage: If you do not have a screensaver set to a low interval you may pick up the phone and walk away from your desk, get a text message, and when you try to reply you will not be able to see/use the keyboard till the mac screensaver comes on, or you disconnect bluetooth on the phone.
  • Supports 1 day trial of Mouse Support
    • Mouse support is a paid feature. This allows you to try the feature before you decide if you want to purchase it.
  • Adds additional language support
  • If you like KeyPad you can leave a review on the Mac App Store

1.11 – Improved user interface, easier to launch KeyPad

  • Switch to KeyPad with “command – tab” on the mac. Makes it easier to find and launch keypad.
  • Updates to Mouse performance.
  • Save previous KeyPad window location, allows you to move the keypad window

1.06 – Added support for Mouse

  • Testing command-tab functionality in iPad (use function + tab) to switch applications
  • Added support for Mouse, tested only on iPad
    • Includes mouse scrolling, better than Magic Mouse 1 on iPad
  • Adds support for iPhone with mouse; go to Settings | Accessibility | Touch and turn on Assistive Touch

1.00 – Production release with In App Purchases

0.95 – Configure HotKeys

  • Supports more than one device in KeyPad
  • Supports defining separate HotKey’s for each bluetooth device.
  • Includes a link to a installation support video

0.91 – Support clipboard paste to device

0.90 – Support Media Keys

  • Added support for Media Keys like Play/Pause and Volume control.
  • Bring up soft keyboard to type emoji’s

0.82 – Fixes to support TVs 

  • TV’s and Media boxes were not seeing the keyboard. 
    • Verified with Sony and Samsung TVs
    • Verified with Google Nexus Player, Apple TV etc

0.70 – Initial Release

  • Use your Mac as a bluetooth keyboard for your Phone, iPad, TV, Tablet, Apple TV