MacOS Monterey – Issues/Problems

KeyPad is having significant issues with MacOS Monterey and iOS 15.x. Please try the app with all your devices before you consider purchasing it. KeyPad is free for one device, and if you want to try another delete the first device and setup again.

KeyPad is having issues with iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) on MacOS Monterey. This issue is only with making the first connection with KeyPad. If you had KeyPad working with the iOS device before you upgraded to MacOS Monterey it continues to work.

When I first tried it out I thought that a MacOS bug I had found in February 2020 had come back to haunt me. See my links below to blog posts that I had written at that time.

I am digging a little deeper and looks like there is more to it. Yes there is a problem. Yes it is a bug in MacOS but it looks like it can be worked around.

Update: Apple TV no longer works with MacOS Monterey. If you had set it up with Big Sur or an earlier OS it will continue to works. If you are trying to make a new connection the AppleTV will never detect the Mac with KeyPad. This is a change in MacOS Monterey.

Some combinations that are working for me.

Scenario 1: Retry connection from phone

From iPhone SE 2 to MacOS Monterey (12.1)

Go to the Preferences screen in KeyPad,

Click “Launch Bluetooth Settings…”

Go to the iPhone Settings | Bluuetooth (wait till the MacOS computer name appears, it seems to take longer with Monterey, you could get frurstrated, click on back to settings and click bluetooth again. It now appears instantly…weird)

Click on the Computer Name

It asks you to Pair with the Mac.

When you click pair it spins for a bit and then gives an error. “Connection Unsuccessful – Make sure “device name” is turned on and in range.

Click on ok oto close the error.

Solution 1: You will see the device in the “My devices” list, and it says “Not connected” click on that item again and magically it connects. (but somethimes it does not).

Solution 2: Reboot tie iphone (after trying solution 1). Go to Settings | Bluetooth and try to connect again. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it does not.

Solution 3: On the Mac go to bluetooth settings and Turn bluetooth off, and then Turn Bluetooth On again. Try to connect from the Phone again.

Solution 4: Exit KeyPad Application, launch KeyPad application again and try to connect from the iPhone.

Why so many solutions!!! Each of these solutions worked multiple times for me. I am looking for the one solution that always works. I have not found it yet.

Please reach out to me at Help me make KeyPad better. And do send a complaint to Apple. Its nuts that this keeps breaking.