Installing KeyPad

KeyPad is a virtual bluetooth keyboard for your Phones, iPads, TV’s. If you have ever wanted to type on your phone instead of using your thumbs, this app can help.

Keypad emulates a Bluetooth keyboard. Connect to the App from your Phone (or tablet/TV) just like you would connect a keyboard from your device.

Use your mac as a keyboard for your phone

I have tested this with a few iPad’s, iPhones, and Android Phones. I have not run into devices that it has not worked first time, yet. You may find that it does not work for some devices. I would like to debug them (and make it work) but I will need your help. If you find a device that does not work, let me know.

Keypad App Installation and Usage

Application is in the Mac menubar

Toolbar menu for KeyPad

Launch bluetooth settings from Preferences

Settings for Keypad - Bluetooth Keyboard

This step is important. Your Mac desktop/MacBook cannot be discovered as a bluetooth keyboard unless you launch the Bluetooth Settings, and Apple does not allow the app to launch the settings screen automatically.

Search for and Pair with your Mac laptop/desktop.

This step needs to be done from the Phone/Tablet/TV and not from the MAC. If your phone is already connected to your mac, you will need to forget the Mac and redo the connection.

Go to the bluetooth settings on the phone and pair with the Mac Computer. Search for the device name displayed in the App preferences screen (in the case above “ToolBunch iMac”).

Pairing with your device

The connection dialog you see from an iPhone is slightly different.

That’s it, you can now use your laptop/desktop keyboard to type on your Phone/Tablet

Type using our Virtual bluetooth keyboard

To launch the virtual bluetooth keyboard you could use the shortcut key (command-option-p) or click on the KeyPad app icon in the top toolbar, and select the launch keyboard menu item.

I’m committed to making sure it works for most MacOS devices from 2015. If this does not work for you, please let me know, I will figure it out. The more devices that I can support, the more people will use this app.

I’m looking for feedback on this application, and new feature requests.


The app connects to your phone/tablet only when the keyboard screen is launched (by pressing command-option-p). If you switch to another app on your laptop/desktop the window will disconnect and close. This may seem weird at first, but there are going to be so many times that you take your phone and walk away. If the app did not automatically disconnect (when your laptop screen saver came on) you would be very frustrated, because you need to disable Bluetooth on your phone to start typing on your phone.

Send me email at if you face any issues or have any suggestions. You can also send me feedback anonymously on my support page.