Clipboard paste from Mac to the iPhone and iPad

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One feature that a lot of users have asked for is clipboard paste support. I’m working on clipboard paste support, and there is an early release based on my testing available at: check version 0.91. Note that this is an alpha release, and do let me know if there is something that you think will make it better.

Clipboard support on the iPhone

There is already a way for you paste text and images etc from your Mac to the Phone or iPad.

  1. Copy text on the Mac (a URL, or simply any text)
  2. Call up an edit control, a “paste” button appears
  3. Click on the paste and it will paste from the mac

If you are using KeyPad, then you can just use the Command – v keystroke and it is the equivalent of doing a paste. Voila, the text will paste on the iPhone. The way keypad is implemented, it is helping the paste to work as Apple intended.

What makes this absolutely fabulous, it works with images and other rich content too. This is limited to the iPhone and iPad.

Clipboard support for other devices

Clipboard paste for other devices, like TVs, Android devices etc work by clicking on the paste icon on the top right. If there is any text in the clipboard, the app will convert it into keystrokes and send it to the connected device.

This is still in alpha, so I have not uploaded it to the App Store, and is available as a zip file here. Do try it out. And give me feedback.