Gift for GrandParents Day – Help them keep in touch!

Seniors are finding and using KeyPad. It helps them type instead of using their thumbs, either with their phone or their TV/Apple TV. Let keypad be your Grandparents day gift to a senior that you know.

In the spirit of GrandParents day which is on the 13th of September, I will be reducing the price for KeyPad multi-device to $0.99 or its equivalent in the app store worldwide. This price reduction is for the weekend from 12th of September 2020 till the 14th of September 2020.

What is KeyPad

KeyPad is a Mac app that lets you use your Mac keyboard and trackpad as a bluetooth keyboard and mouse. So you can use it to type text messages on your phone, type to siri, control your TV…anything that you can do with a combination of a remote control and a TV.

KeyPad is running in the background. When you bring it to the foreground, it will connect to the phone, iPad, TV and you (your grandparent) can begin typing.

Help your grandparent setup KeyPad

The app is setup like a bluetooth keyboard so your will need to help them with setting it up, and showing them how to call it up and use it. They will appreciate you taking the time to help them set it up. Once it is setup, you can be sure you will be talking/chatting with them more often. GrandParents want to be part of the conversation, this will just make it easier for them to be.

Grandparents day gift

A new bluetooth keyboard and mouse will cost you atleast $35. That is for 1 Keyboard and mouse.

Keypad lets you connect to as many devices as you like; its like having 20 keyboards handy, one for each of your devices. On grandparents day that $0.99 or its equivalent anywhere in the world.


Some of the features of keypad. See more at: KeyPad – Features

  • Use the Mac keyboard to type on the connected device.
  • Use the TrackPad or mouse to control your device.
  • Use the Media controls like Home, Power, Volume control to control your device.
  • Special keys if you would like to use Command + Tab on an iPad
  • Tested with many Android and Apple smart phones, tablets, and TVs

Do reach out if you have any issues with setting up. I reply to all email, and want to make sure you have a good experience with my app. If there is a device that it does not work with, let me know and I will make an effort to add support for it. My app is of value only if it is able to connect to all the devices.

You could do me a huge favor (favour if you are British) and ask Amazon, Apple and Google to add keyboard support to their smart speakers like the Echo, Home and the HomePod. It will expand the reach of my app dramatically. It will help with those times that speech is not working very well but you want alexa and others to do something! While you are at it, could you also yell at google? Youtube on the Apple TV stopped working with a keyboard (any keyboard) from april this year, and they have not fixed it yet.

Use your mac as a keyboard for your phone