Beta Release 0.95

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This is intended to be the last release before 1.0. I expect I will have one or two more update release before I put it on the Mac App Store.

  • Supports deleting connected bluetooth devices.
  • Supports defining separate HotKey’s for each bluetooth device.
  • Supports changing the default HotKey
  • Updates to clipboard paste feature
  • Migrates to using the new website (
  • Includes a link to a installation support video (still being worked on)
  • Known issues:
    • Once a device is connected, you have to press Launch Bluetooth Settings again to connect a second device.
    • You cannot use a hotkey that is in use for the app unless you delete the hotkey
    • If you delete a hotkey for device 0, it will default to Command + option + p

To delete a hotkey:

  • select the device in preferences list
  • Click on configure hotkey
  • Click the configure button again (this will delete the hotkey)