KeyPad does NOT work with MacOS 10.15.3

The past month has been a hard stop for KeyPad with no feature development. This was because MacOS 10.15.3 broke something in the bluetooth stack that resulted in the KeyPad application no longer working. This issue was not only with my application but other applications also that use this feature.

I have been following up this issue with Apple, and my interaction with them has been very encouraging (once I found a way to get a response!). I have been keeling a log on the Support Page, but I am moving that log to this blog post because it looks like with the release of 10.15.4 that issue will be solved.

Urgent Feb 6: MacOS 10.15.3 something has changed and the app is not working (FOR iOS iPhone and iPad). It continues to work for non iOS devices.

Update Feb 7: This issue exists in the MacOS 10.15.4 BETA 1.

Update Feb 10: I spent all of the weekend looking for a workaround. I could not find one. I notice that competing apps are not working too. No choice but to wait/hope for a fix in the next OS release.

Update Feb 11: I tested the app with MacOS 10.15.4 Public Beta and it does NOT work.

Update Feb 19: Tested with 10.15.4 BETA 2. It does NOT work.

Update Mar 2: Tested with 10.15.4 BETA 3. It seems to be working!!! YAY!!! Will continue to test some more and update here.

Update Mar 7: Tested with 10.15.4 BETA 4. It continues to work!!! Looks like it is truly going to be fixed in 10.15.4.

Finally a silver lining!!! The app seems to be working on 10.15.4 BETA 3 and BETA 4! Looking forward to its release for final confirmation.

If this is not fixed in the final release of 10.15.4, I will take down this application. I have stopped development on this application for now.

Did some testing, it does not work with iPhones and iPads (ios 13 tested), but seems to work fine with android phones.

If you are having issues, please do send me feedback if your device is not working, so that I am able to focus my energy on solving issues that people are facing.

If you face any issues, please send email to I will update this with issues that people report.