Alpha release (0.92) of KeyPad supports Multiple Devices

I finally finished the initial version of supporting multiple devices. It is going to take some more work before I will be able to release it on the MacOS App Store. The main feature included is that keypad now supports maintaining connections to multiple devices. So this is no longer just one keyboard, it is now any number of keyboards that you need.

This is alpha version software, and I had to refactor a lot of code to support multiple devices. Till this release KeyPad supported only one single device. If you wanted to add another you would have to replace the current device. Now you can select any device that you want to type on.

Completing this feature will move the app towards its 1.0 release.

Whats Included

You can keep connecting multiple devices to KeyPad. iPhone, Apple TV, iPad, all your TV’s.

To select a device use the menubar selection.

The app hotkey to launch keypad (command – option – p) works only for the first device in the list.

Added some trigger conditions for the app to drop the bluetooth connection.

This has turned out to be much more complex a release. There is a major update to the codebase, and has required a lot of testing.

I need help testing this

Do give me feedback and suggestions.